Meet The Team

Although we have a large manufacturing facility where we make, package and sell over 152 products, we really are a small company. We’re like one big, happy family! Typically we have 17 full-time employees but during the Christmas and Easter seasons we have several additional seasonal staff that return year after year to help us keep up with the demand for our delicious candies and exceptional gift packaging. These are some of their favourite treats.


Michelle is our Production Manager and has been with the company for over 20 years! Responsible for several functions, Michelle is the one keeping all the wheels turning and still managing to help in the kitchen or anywhere else she is needed.


Christine has worked for Rheo Thompson since she was a teenager and has experience in all areas of the company. Currently you can find Christine creating our signature products in our kitchen but don’t be surprised if you meet her at one of our Tasting events - she is well-versed when it comes to pairing chocolate with wine, scotch and beer.


New to the team in 2015, T.J. is our Assistant Candymaker and spends the majority of his time cooking all your favourite Rhéo Thompson treats. He is also responsible for maintaining equipment to ensure we keep production going and our store shelves full.


Louanne is part of our production team. All those cream centres with chocolate initials on the top, the beautiful hand-dipped long-stemmed cherries, the Easter Buttercream & Peanut Butter Eggs,... you can thank Louanne. All the tedious, attention-to-detail jobs is part of her work and what makes our products so special.


Susan is also part of the production team and must be a jack of all trades for us to be successful. Susan works on the enrobing lines and packages ginger and pretzels - two of our most popular items. Every season the focus changes in production and Susan has to be able to shift gears to keep the chocolate flowing!


Terri started with us in the retail store in 2009 then decided to try her hand in production. Good hand/eye coordination is required for packaging chocolates right off the enrobing lines and Terri spending hours a day completing this task. She also helps with making our Mint Smoothies, including the fundraising bars.

Karen E.

Karen always comes to work with a smile on her face! She LOVES our busy Christmas season and starts the countdown again in January. Karen is responsible for packaging all the Valentine’s Hearts, Assorted Chocolate gift boxes and her specialty, Decorating Easter Bunnies :)


Rachael has been with us since 2014 and enjoys working in production and packaging. Rachael excels at all packaging tasks and spends the majority of her time packing our infamous, green gift boxes. Caramels and Cream Centres and Mint Smoothies… oh my!


Amanda helps with the packaging and can be found in the back corner of the production area, filling bonbon cups with the chocolates as they spin around and around on the wheel, which acts just like a ferris wheel but instead of people, it’s filled with our delectable chocolates. Who’s job is more fun than Amanda’s?


Carolyn has been designing gift packages with us for 20 years. Her creativity is what makes our store displays and gift collections unique and fresh. Carolyn is also responsible for crafting the infamous Mint Smoothie® Dessert Cakes that have become very popular for parties and weddings.


Marsha is the maven of gift designing with almost 20 years of experience. Her attention to detail means all her gift collections have that special touch and it’s a pleasure to give and receive. Marsha takes on the challenge of designing custom items for our corporate clients with new ideas and color themes each year.


Joanne is our Communications Coordinator. Her responsibilities include social media management and keeping staff ‘in the know’ about all things Rhéo Thompson Candies; from labeling to Good Manufacturing Practices. Joanne may also be the one answering your phone calls or shipping your candies.


Cathy brings great energy to work each day and keeps everything organized behind the scenes. Another team member with a variety of skills, we count on Cathy for handling fundraising orders, shipping, inventory and answering the phone. If you've got a question, Cathy's got the answer!


Kowanda is one of our store ladies with a knack for making all the beautiful bows on our baskets and collections. She handles the gift displays for our Birthday and Baby sections as well as providing great customer service to everyone that shops with us.


Barb is part of our retail team. She is a dedicated team member and enjoys working with customers to find the perfect gift item. Barb is knowledgable about how we make our candy and all the different flavours we create. She is a certified chocolate specialist!


Tracy works in our retail store, keeping the shelves stocked with all of your favourites. Customer service is equally important to us as the quality of our products and Tracy is enthusiastic about ensuring all customers have a memorable experience with us. We value Tracy's great organizational skills and adaptability.


Jaci is the newest addition to our retail team. Her smile and positive attitude make her a pleasure to work with and visitors to our store appreciate the exceptional customer service she provides. Even though there's so much to learn about chocolate and candy Jaci is definitely up for the challenge!


Peyton's smiling face is often found in our retail store as she helps customers find exactly what they're looking for. We also keep her busy learning new tasks like completing wholesale and custom orders. All staff enjoy working with Peyton because of her enthusiasm and great sense of humour.

Marc and Kristene

Marc and Kristene wear many hats within the business. Kristene heads up the retail store and ensuring every customer enjoys their Rheo Thompson Candies experience. Marc takes top spot in the kitchen, making all 152 confections by hand each day. They purchased the business in January 2003 with a commitment to keeping the same delicious products available while creating new, unique products when time permits.

  • Wow. Try the mint smoothies. You'll be amazed at how good these things are. I dare you to stop at one! They have hundreds of other great candies of all kinds. Worth a drive to Stratford just to visit an amazing small scale local landmark.

    Brad K, Google

  • I live in Stratford and I have family who come to visit from the States and that's the first place they want to go when they come. I can honestly say that they are the best chocolates I've ever had. It's worth the trip!

    Diane T, TripAdvisor

  • Simply put, the best candy store I’ve ever been to. The mint smoothies are, in my opinion, practically perfect candy. Highly recommended.

    Matt W, Facebook