Bugs Bunny


Catch that Wascally Wabbit in time for Easter! Everyone loves Bugs Bunny and he’s available in Milk, Dark or White Chocolate, and of course, comes with his favourite candy carrot treat.

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Product Description

Approximately 180g and is approximately 25cm in height.
Bugs comes in a clear cello box with royal icing carrot.
To maintain the product quality during shipping, the container will also be packed with extra scale paper.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
I would like:

Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate, White


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  • Wow. Try the mint smoothies. You'll be amazed at how good these things are. I dare you to stop at one! They have hundreds of other great candies of all kinds. Worth a drive to Stratford just to visit an amazing small scale local landmark.

    Brad K, Google

  • I live in Stratford and I have family who come to visit from the States and that's the first place they want to go when they come. I can honestly say that they are the best chocolates I've ever had. It's worth the trip!

    Diane T, TripAdvisor

  • Simply put, the best candy store I’ve ever been to. The mint smoothies are, in my opinion, practically perfect candy. Highly recommended.

    Matt W, Facebook