Dark Assorted

Dark Assorted


Assorted caramels & creams in dark chocolate


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“The best part of our assorted chocolates?


With every bite, you get a little bit of this and a little bit of that – so there is something delightful for everyone.


Each box of assorted chocolates includes an assortment of soft creams, chewy caramels, and specialty nuts, enrobed in sweet dark chocolate.


So buy a box or two of our assorted chocolates today, and get a variety of our best chocolates all wrapped up in one green and gold box.”

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  • Felt welcome the moment we walked in! Loved it and the dark chocolate pecan patties - well what can I say...simply DECADENT melt in your mouth goodness! Tons of selection and beautiful packaging.

    Cara Mia from Google+

  • If I had to live on a desert island with just one thing for the rest of my life it would be the raspberry jelly filled dark chocolates from Rheo Thompson. And a glass of milk.

    Leigh from Facebook

  • Back home to Stratford next weekend for 2 boxes of your Mint Smoothies. Looking forward to the many memories your chocolates create.

    Andrea in Toronto