Nutty Pop
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Nutty Pop


Mammoth pecans, whole almonds and buttery popcorn covered in caramel.

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“The best thing about peanut brittle is the brittle – that buttery sweet candy coating
that is practically wasted on peanuts. Plus, eating whole mouthfuls of brittle
can be a bit overwhelming.


This is why we take this savory brittle-coating and drizzle it over popcorn,
almonds, and pecans, allowing everyone to enjoy that buttery sweet goodness in
salty snack that puts regular, mass-produced caramel popcorn to shame.”

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  • I’m not a chocoholic - but my wife appreciates fine chocolate - and she claims that this place is the finest in the land - well worth the drive as a destination spot......

    Gary R from Facebook

  • Years ago when I was in Teachers' College, I used to walk to Thompson Candies to get a treat to take home to my dad. A generation later, Rheo Thompson offers that same high-quality mouth-watering chocolate. Just entering the building is an aromatic treat.

    Gail L from TripAdvisor

  • A magical place filled with delicious chocolate. It smells incredible in here. The staff is friendly and efficient. The mint smoothies, coconut clusters, and almond crisps are the best! We had mint smoothies as our wedding favours and let’s say our guests were not disappointed.

    Claudia G from Google